April 3, 2017

April A-Z : Blog Map

Blog Map : a map for those who are not lost
— According to me
Just a fictional map of my blog or you can consider this a map to some fantasy land of rain, witches, monsters and maybe even a giant.  Click on the image for a better view.
blog map - click on image for the larger view

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  1. I like your map! I agree, I'm not lost either. I just sometimes get off on a side road =) Thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. I like to go off the beaten path. Thanks for the guide!

  3. That looks like an entertaining board game! Very creative. Love "Sunshine Valley"!

  4. Very creative you are such a dreamer Lissa!

  5. I love the key with it's definitions at the bottom of each place like "Monster's Cave" but not sure how chocolate ties into it exactly?

    Your umbrella compass is wonderful, so you. :)

    1. chocolate is for the so-called monster, like a friendly gesture, I think

      have a lovely day.


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