"It is necessary to fall in love, if only to provide an alibi for all the random despair you are going to feel anyway." — Albert Camus
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February 16, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Just some random things about Valentine's day:

01/ 'Valentine's Day' is now 'Eat Chocolate Day.'

02/ V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S. D.A.Y. = Vague Antiquated Lyrics that Everyone Nervously Try to Invoke with Nonsensical Expressions for the Same Damm Awful Yearnings

03/ Where can I get more chocolate?

04/ A good day to eat one whole box of chocolate or two or three.

05/ I ran out of chocolate so I brought another box.

06/ Why is cupid fat? Did he eat a lot of chocolate? What does he do exactly?

07/ Eat chocolate and cry because you're single.

08/ Eat chocolate and laugh because you're single.

09/ Be thankful you don't have to buy a valentines gift that your partner is sure to hate.

10/ It's just another 'do what you want' day.

February 14, 2017

Valentines Gift

'blue heart'
Below is the black and white version for you to print out and color with markers or color pencils OR color it digitally:

Right click or control click to save or click on image for the large version and then save. Let me know if you do color this. Please note, this is for personal use only. Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2017

Book Geek: Favorite 'Beauty & The Beast' Retellings

I've read many, many retellings of Beauty & The Beast since it is my favorite fairytale. Some of them are okay and some of them are not at all like the fairytale and some are simply wonderful. There will be others that I'm sure I'll like but for now these (listed in no particular order) are my absolute favorites.
01/ Rose Daughter / Beauty by Robin McKinley
Beauty is a mostly true to the original story while Rose Daughter is slightly different. I think I like Rose Daughter more because of the rooftop scenes and talk of stars and there is a story within a story. But sometimes I think Beauty is slightly better for its direct storyline and sometimes not.

Favorite Quotes: 
"The Beast was a darkness the starlight could not leaven."
- from Rose Daughter

"There was something about the way he stood there without looking at me: Resignation born of long silent hopeless years sat heavily on him, and I found myself involuntarily anxious to comfort him."
- from Beauty

Beast Charming by Jenniffer Wardell
02/ Beast Charming by Jenniffer Wardell
Beast Charming is actually very charming as the author didn't try to make the characters likable, rather, she makes them real characters in a somewhat real world. I like the banters between all the characters and the fact that in this world, everyone treats magic and curses like everyday, normal things that just happens and even dragons are treated like any normal beings. Beast Charming is the most fun of any retelling I had read.

Favorite Quote: "I'm a huge, hulking monster with anger management issues. I'm contractually obligated to encourage violence and anarchy on principle."

Of beast and beauty by Stacey Jay
04/ Of beast and beauty by Stacey Jay
It seems like the settling is futuristic but there is this strange sense that nothing here is futuristic, rather, they are a bit archaic but I like that. I kind of wish the author had chosen one perspectives instead of three or even omnipresent considering one of the perspective didn't really do much for the story. Other than that, it's a pretty decent retelling plus it didn't have that teenage angst that I just hate reading.

Favorite Quote: "Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined that finding out I've been wrong feel like this. That I would want to pull my beautiful face off the wall and hurl the mirror to the floor, stomp on the pieces until my feet bleed, scream until I lose my voice. That I would wish with every fiber of my being to go back to the way life was before, when I believed myself ugly, when the world and my place in it were perfectly clear."

Barefoot on the wind by Zoë Marriott

05/ Barefoot on the wind by Zoë Marriott
The writing is oh-so lovely and the Japan settling is just perfect. My only complaint is that the end seems rather short. I kind of wish the author had written more about the ending, that is, more details, more explanations, I want to know everything but that's not a real complaint. This is definitely a new (it was released in 2016) favorite book.

Favorite Quote: "His silence and stillness felt like a chasm yawning between us now. And I found that I was sorry - and I wanted somehow to bridge the silence. Not to ask all the questions that burned inside me, to discover just what he meant - how could anyone forget their own name? - or where this strange home of his was, or what had happened to bring me here. Not even to attempt to placate him for my own safety. I had hurt him and I wanted to soothe the wound."

Do you have a favorite Beauty & The Beast retelling?

February 9, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Sleepless in Seattle

This week's Top Ten Thursday is to choose one of these movies: Rainman; The Wedding Planner; Pretty Woman; Ocean's Eleven; When Harry met Sally; Sleepless in Seattle; Analyse this/that; Forrest Gump; Breakfast at Tiffany's; Any James Bond movie starring Sean Connery; and choose ten scenes and talk about them.

Sleepless in Seattle is one of my favorite Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie aside from You've got mail. These are some of my favorite moments in the movie:

"Destiny is something we've invented because we can't stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental."

01/ Sam drops off someone at the airport and spotted Annie from a distance and then sort of chased after her but she was gone too soon  - I sort of have a love-hate relationships with these almost-meet moments, drives me crazy sometimes but this one was sweet and you kind of wish Sam did catch up withe Annie but then the movie would be over...

02/ Sam saw Annie from across the road with the cars passing between them - another not-quite chance meeting but they did said 'Hello,' so that's something, right?

03/ Sam and his friends Suzy and Greg discuss crying over certain movie scenes - totally hilarious!

04/ Annie walks into her brother Dennis' office and sort of confessed about Sam and Seattle & Dennis responded that it rains nine months out of the year in Seattle - I thought this was quite funny but the part about the rain in Seattle is probably not true, I searched the web but the answer various a bit

05/ Annie and Becky watches An Affair to Remember which is a movie that Sleepless in Seattle is based on - An Affair to Remember is mentioned a couple of times, it's a nice homage to the movie

"That's your problem, you don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie."

06/ Annie takes the radio inside a closet along with the phone with her friend Becky on the other side and her fiancé Walter founds her there - I seem to remember this scene a lot and I like how Annie seems to subconsiously hiding what she is doing from Walter

Jay: “Well, this is fate! She's divorced,  we don't want to redo the cabinets,  and you need a wife. What do they call it when everything intersects?” Sam: “The Bermuda Triangle.”

07/ Sam asked his friend Rob, "So, how's my butt?" - pretty silly but strangely it seems to stay in my memory for no good reason

08/ Annie is peeling an apple and listening to the radio where Sam talked about how great his late wife was and they both said 'magic' - Come on, who doesn't like this scene?

09/ Annie goes to Becky's office and she makes excuses to look into the story of Sleepless in Seattle - like they were doing something for work but really, we know it's personal, well, it's becoming personal

“Annie, when you're attracted to someone,   it just means that your subconscious is   attracted to their subconscious,   subconsciously. So what we think of   as fate is just two neuroses knowing   that they are a perfect match.”

10/ Sam finally meets Annie at the top of the Empire State Building - this was the last scene of the movie and I sort of half hate it because the kid Jonah was there, I mean, he sort of kills the mood a bit doesn't he or is that just me?

Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle? What's your favorite scene in the movie? 

February 7, 2017

A mermaid's dream: letters from the world

'A mermaid's dream: letters from the world'
'A mermaid's dream: letters from the world'
'original version'
'a mermaid's treasures' - original version
This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'Bubble Gum Machine'. I think I like the cropped version without the gum machine part, not even sure why a mermaid would be inside one, maybe she is collecting treasures and then giving them away? Who knows. For more Creative Tuesdays creations, just hop on over here.