August 30, 2016

Creative Tuesdays: Plum

'thumbelina dreaming'
This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is color the 'plum'. I've already done two other Thumbelina pieces which included apples and strawberries so this one is plums - the color and the fruit.

August 25, 2016

Top Ten Random Rules

Since there is no specify topic, I thought up these random rules but I'm not saying I follow them or anything. Okay, maybe now and then when I actually remember them. And maybe these aren't rules but more like suggestions.

01/ No cursing except when you want to

02/ Brake for humans - drivers need to not only brake but also make slow u-turns

03/ No smoking except outdoors (& preferably far, far away from me)

04/ Laugh when you want to

05/ Make dessert your friend

06/ Let people help you even if you feel really, really embarrass

07/ Always eat breakfast

08/ Take naps/breaks on a regular basis

09/ Practice good manners

10/ Forget anything that makes you unhappy

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August 18, 2016

Top ten thursday: things to know about me

self portrait maybe?
Ten things about me that may or may not help you to get along with me.

01/ 'I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.' Gilda Radner said that and I completely agreed with her. I refuse to wear anything that makes my skin itch.

02/ I grew up where everything had to be done right away, so I suppose that is why I'm more relax when it comes to finishing tasks. Of course that isn't always true, sometimes it's quite the opposite, like if I did not finish a certain task, than I would feel uneasy about it all day.

I don't like eating at outside restaurants or cafes. I'm afraid of things falling into the food plus having people passing by and gawking at you makes it hard to enjoy your meal.

04/ I'm a graphic designer so I suppose that is why I sometimes I try to perfect things to the point of where I'm not even sure why I make the change in the first place.  Or maybe that is an excuse. Even without being a graphic designer, I find certain things to be so ugly that I have to change them to my liking or ignore their existence completely.

05/ I don't like to talk when I'm in a bad mood.

06/ I don't like to share my things because I'm afraid people will ruin them so If loan you something, it's because I trust you are good at taking care of borrowed things.

07/ I don't like the smell of coffee so I don't visit coffee shops all that often.

08/ I can't remember long numbers all that well so sometimes I am unable to tell you even my home phone number.

09/ I'm not good around pets especially dogs. I don't think they like me all that much. Or perhaps because so many dogs had barked and tried to bite me in the past that I get freak out whenever I see one.

10/ I don't smoke, drink, or drive or had ever done those things which sometimes makes me think I have not gone through the rites of passage like most people.

What do you want people to know about you?

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August 11, 2016

Three things: lazy blogging, urls & web presence

the postmistress and half sister Citrus's tea time - just a part of an unfinished work
01/ I resisted the urge to move to a new url. Well, not entirely but at least I didn't make the switch. I don't think I'll ever find a blog name that I will truly love so I guess I'll keep looking. Do I even have readers anymore? I've moved to new urls so many times, I'm sure I have very few devoted readers and even they probably thought I haven't been blogging at all. I usually leave a link to the new blog in case anyone happens to visit my old blogs but who knows?

02/ I shouldn't complain about people not updating their blogs because I also kind have not really been updating my blog either. I mean, I have but not much. I have no excuses. It's not because it's summer. It's not because I have nothing. It's just that I find every idea I have to be a bit boring and perhaps not as good as when I first thought them up. Is there an app that helps me post great content without thinking too much about them? No? I guess I will have to settle for my own brain to do that.

03/ I sometimes think our existence on the web is based on our social media status. But since I hardly use social media, it sort of meant I don't quite exist, at least nowhere else other than here, on this blog.  Don't you think that is true? If I'm not here, you can't find me anywhere else. It's not that I haven't try using them, it's just that, I find I cannot match the speed of other people. I still do not have a smart phone or an iphone, just a really plain phone that I don't even use all that much. I'm not as technology obsessed as I used to be. But I still like to be here on this blog every now and then, just to see how everyone is, just to see if my presence on the web does anything.

What three things are on your mind today?

July 29, 2016

Fishing for stars under a starry, starry night

'fishing for stars under a starry, starry night' (click on image for larger view)
closeups (click on image for larger view)
The sky/background is based on Vincent van Gogh painting 'starry night.'  I did make slight changes such as her face and hands. So in a way, it's no longer the same piece. When I work on the colors, I seem to somehow end up changing things. The original idea is still there of course but I'm never sure if I'm making the piece better or worse. From drawing to final colors, there's always that small doubt that maybe it is better before but as I do think no piece is ever finished even when I say that it is but today, this piece is definitely finished. (The original drawing is here.)