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October 20, 2016

Uncomfortable Situations

I try to forget any bad/uncomfortable situations so I wouldn't be angry/depress all the time so my list is short. 

01/ called to cancel an appointment and instead got a scolding from a lady who screamed threats that I'll never work in that particular field — not the kind of professional people you will ever want to talk to or work with. I had no clue why she was angry. Even now I just don't understand the reason. It's not like she couldn't get someone else. It wasn't even an interview for a job but a place where they, she, that is, place people into jobs like you're one of her minions... I was freaked out for a couple of weeks, I suppose I should be glad I'll never have to meet her...

02/ tried to photograph a tree but got yelled at by an old lady — the lady thought I was taking photos of her but I wasn't which I kept saying but she just carried on and on and then huffed away like some angry child. I did not recognize her as anyone famous plus I think anything I say or didn't say didn't matter to her at all. She was dead set on my crime. I really wanted to say to her: if you don't want to be photograph than get out of the way or at least check before you bite people's head off...

03/ a mother shouted at me for shoving her baby to make space for another passenger on the subway — when I said baby, I really meant baby because he did looked like he was three or perhaps four years old. Let me just say, I would never under any circumstance shove anyone for any reason. But just to be nice, I didn't argue with her.  I did nothing wrong but then I became angry when she kept on shouting hurtful things and such and with all those eyes on us, I got out of the train as soon as the next stop came. If you know New York subway trains, there are no seatbelts so I do not understand why anyone would allow their baby to sit on the seat free of any attachments, just think with one little jolt, the baby's face would meet the floor...

October 17, 2016

Home for the winter blues

'home for the winter blues'
This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'treehouse.' There's a tree and there's a house and that's it, my interpretation. I don't have a story, this just happen on my way to drawing a treehouse.

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October 13, 2016

Top Ten Movie Locations

Top Ten Movie Locations
I pretty much done this list already over here. So I decided to do New York locations that were in movies and also a few that should be used in a movie.

01/ Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue - seen in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

02/ The big piano at FAO Schwarz which is now closed - seen in 'Big'

03/ Empire State Building - seen in tons of movies but my favorite is 'Sleepless in Seattle' when the windows makes heart-shapes

04/ New York Public Library - seen in 'Ghostbusters'

05/ Battery Park/Robert Wagner Jr. Park - seen in 'Desperately Seeking Susan'

06/ Brooklyn Bridge - seen in 'Enchanted '

07/ Wollman Ice Skating Rink - seen in 'Splash'

08/ Strand Book Store at 828 Broadway & 12th street - seen in 'Remember Me' & also the bench from 'The fault in our stars' is on the second floor near the young adult section

09/ Union Square Park - I'm sure it's already in some movies/tv show but I haven't seen any yet

10/ Castle at Nassau and Maiden Lane is not an actual castle but an office building but I just like the look of it - haven't seen it in any movie yet

October 10, 2016

Ten for 10/10

These are my thoughts for today or maybe just some words that needs to be let out.

Signs to make:
01/ I'm not moody, I'm just intensely passionate

02/ 'couch introvert' is my professional title

03/ every day is 'nap until dinnertime' day

04/ I have 'I don't know why I don't blog more often' issues 

05/ I woke up sleeping (again)

Clubs I belong to:
06/ creative people who are unmotivated to create but still wants to create but don't really want to do anything about it club

07/ I'd rather be snorkeling (but not really) club

08/ laughing for chocolate club

09/ the fast procrastinators club

10/ the extremely slow bloggers club

October 4, 2016

Snow Blue & the Wolf Wood

'Snow Blue & the Wolf Wood' (click on the image for a larger view)
closeups (click on the image for a larger view)
This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'little red riding hood or snow white.'  This piece is what happened when I think two much and started adding things to fill the space. I like the result though. This started out as the 'girl with two hearts' and sort of became 'snow white' and then added some elements from 'little red riding hood.' I guess the two-winged hearts in her arms are representation of her true desires - to escape the woods alone or to stay in the woods with her wolf friends. At least that's the story in my head.

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