June 4, 2017

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Once again, my blog has moved to another address. The new link is:


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June 1, 2017

Top Ten Thursday : Photo Day

This week's Top Ten Thursday is random photos of your day or any theme you choose.

Here are photos I took in Manhattan on a day off:
inside the underground subway
01/ inside the underground subway — I actually take the subway 3 or 4 times a day if I don't want to walk, it's just a great way to travel around the city, this is the Canal St. stop passageway

artwork I saw while walking by
02/ artwork I saw while walking by — I think it's a Vincent Van Gogh painting but the color is just too blue though

ordinary morning
03/ ordinary morning with smoke from an underground pipe — totally normal though I still wonder about the smoke so I mostly avoid walking in those area

Atlas statue outside 30 Rockefeller Center
04/ Atlas statue outside 30 Rockefeller Center, fifth avenue entrance —  I actually come out of this entrance often when I want to get to fifth avenue, the subway exit/entrance is below Rockefeller Center

fearless girl / the wall street bull
05/ fearless girl at Broadway & Morris Street — this is one of most popular photo space, totally crowded during all hours, I shot the girl at 9 am and I sort of stood there until people move away and barely captured this shot before I gave up because tourist keeps standing next to it to take a photo (the bull photo is taken a few years ago)

And here are things seen but not photographed on that same day, either because I missed my chance because the subject moved too quickly or because I decided not to photograph them because I'm a dummy.

05B/ a bus that said 'Procrastination is not a bad thing' — no idea what the ad is for as the bus moved too fast for my eyes but I totally agreed with it

05C/ a man asking if anyone needs a good husband because he's new in town & all — he appeared to be a bit worn and tired and pulling a cart full of stuff behind him

05D/ an old lady with beautiful pink here on the street — I wanted to stop her and ask to take her photograph but I guess my shy self decided to show spunk and refused to allow me to do just that

05E/ a young lady with bright red short hair on the train — her hair was gorgeous! & yes, I seem to have a habit of looking at people's pretty hair

05F/ an Elvis Presley impersonator dressed in black and red — he didn't look like Elvis but the outfit was interesting

05G / a poet for hire with his typewriter in union square — actually there were a lot of weird characters in that park, chest players, all types of acts and also that day is market day in that area so lots of vegetables, plants, flowers, cheese...

And here's some sky shots from a different day because I didn't take enough photos:
walking toward the Brooklyn Bridge
06/ walking toward the Brooklyn Bridge — I used to walk the Brooklyn Bridge a lot but now maybe every other year

helicopters in the clouds
07/ helicopters in the clouds — those tiny dots at right are helicopters

view from the Brooklyn Bridge
08/ view from the Brooklyn Bridge — do you see a man with white eyebrows in the clouds? guess it's just me

the Brooklyn Bridge
09/ the Brooklyn Bridge — the path toward the the Brooklyn Bridge started out as smooth pavement but then it changes to wooden planks which I sometimes find it a bit weak and even scary to walk upon but maybe it's because I'm high up because sometimes being that high does things to my mind. does anyone else feels the wooden planks are rather too weak to walk on?

looking up at the sky of trees in Bryant Park
10/ looking up at the sky of trees in Bryant Park — Bryant Park is a great place to look up at bare trees and also have your lunch there if you can find a spot because it's crowded during the lunch hours

Seen anything interesting today?

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May 31, 2017

The Beast's Library

'the beast's library'
This week's Scribble Picnic is books so naturally I created a library. This library was first drawn for a particular piece that wasn't used and so I turned it into a library the Beast (as in Beauty and the Beast), would be proud to have or perhaps my own wish for a particular pretty mini library. Can you guess 4 of the book titles I snuck in there? Click on the images for a larger view.

closeup 1
closeup 2
closeup 3
close up 4

May 27, 2017

Mini Book Reviews

mini reviews
Here are some books I've read lately and as always, I only talk about books I recommend reading.

01/ Hunted by Meagan Spooner
01/ Hunted by Meagan Spooner
''Hunted' is a bit one-sided with most of the story centering on Yeva though we do get glances of the Beast's thoughts. Yeva sounds like a person who makes reasonable choices when it's necessarily but she seems more certain when she is hunting, while everything else in her life, she's a bit indecisive. The Beast, well, I really don't know much about him except that on occasions, being a beast makes him behave like an angry animal who doesn't quite know what he is about. At first, I sort of fear these two don't quite belong together but toward the end, the book changed my mind.

The ending is a bit quick but there were moments of being dragged out just before the final scene. Once Yeva made the decision to return to the Beast, she still lingered about for reasons I can't even understand. Is the reason so that we can have a dramatic end? Because the end isn't dramatic at all. It came quick and rather brief on how it all happened. Overall, 'Hunted' is a good retelling of 'Beauty and the Beast' and it would have been great if we have gotten a longer, detailed explantation about the ending and perhaps more of the Beast's backstory because quite frankly, I thought there is simply not much about him, not even his name which is hinted at but no definite idea whether it is true or not.

Favorite Quote: "The merchant's youngest daughter was renamed Yeva, after the temptress in the garden. She would preferred Beauty, for at least there is beauty in all things, not only temptation, but Yeva she was to be."

02/ Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi
02/ Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi
'Furthermore' is a topsy-turvy adventure book like 'Alice in wonderland' but with lots more twists and turns and very strange places and ideas and all written in a wonderful style. In a way 'Furthermore' is almost like a movie because there are so many imagery that if you can imagine it, it really is a colorful kaleidoscope of events. I love Alice's can-do attitude and her somewhat good opinion of herself. She is just perfect as a heroine with imperfect flaws like the rest of us but unlike the rest of us, we are not in a magical land. She has a magical ability relating to color which I thought is perfect for her. I won't say what that is but the book cover sure tells a lot.

I have to point out the narrator who we are not given any info about but I like his/her narration. If I can compare it to something it would to an announcer of a television show and someone who has a bit too much personality and likes to add their input on the story but somehow it not deterred the story. I thought it is rather fun to have such a narrator telling the story instead of Alice.

Favorite quote: "Alice was an odd girl, even for Ferenwood, where the sun occasionally rained and the colors were brighter than usual and magic was as common as a frowning parent. Her oddness was evident even in the simplest things she did, though most especially in her inability to walk home in a straight line. She stopped too many times, wandering off the main path, catching deep breathes and holding them, too selfish to let them go."

03/ Little Witch by Anna Elizabeth Bennett with Illustrations by Helen Stone
03/ Little Witch by Anna Elizabeth Bennett with Illustrations by Helen Stone
The writing feels a little dated like reading those old Nancy Drew mysteries but it was first published in 1953. 'Little Witch' is a pleasant and quick read at 128 pages. Minikin or rather Minx is quite ordinary in that she wants to go to school and learn though her witch mother would not allow such thing. I like Minx's sometimes spunkiness and her determination to go to school is something to be admired. And also, there are some magic involved so that adds to the fun.

Favorite quote: "Pray tell what did you do with your time last night?" (from Minx's mother)

"I slept," said Minx.

"Slept! Well, if you're going to be a proper witch you'll have to learn to do your sleeping in the daytime like other respectable witches. You're just not cut out to be a witch, I guess! But I'll see to it that you mend your ways or I'll change you into a flowerpot, or maybe something much less pretty!"

Read any good books lately? Tell me about it.